Product Care

  • We craft our bags using genuine leather and suede.   Please avoid exposure to excessive heat, water, greasy substances, and products with alcohol (such as perfume) which can damage leather goods.  Leather may scratch, wear, and patina over time adding to its beauty.
  • As a protectant, we treat our bags using a high quality waterproof spray.  Also included with your purchase is Sole Nourish to be applied to the logo appliqué on the sole of the bag.  
  • If after normal use you would like us to inspect any areas of concern and/or recondition the leather, please contact us.  Otherwise, we recommend regular maintenance with the provided Sole Nourish and, if necessary, a high quality waterproof spray.
  • When storing, please use the North of Grey dust bag provided with your purchase.  Store in a cool and dry place.